Smeg inverter microwave ovens


Smeg’s two new inverter microwave ovens are true cooking appliances, with a choice of grill or convection cooking. The new inverter technology elevates the appliance to an all-round, highly efficient multi-tasker that will do far more than simply reheat or defrost food.

Smeg inverter microwave ovensThe microwave oven – once a black box used for reheating or defrosting food – has come of age with Smeg launching a new platform of multi-tasking appliances that combine dual cooking modes with inverter technology.

Smeg is headquartered at the very birthplace of Italian gastronomy – think Parma Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Modena Balsamic Vinegar – so a Smeg microwave oven that includes convection cooking, inverter technology and 10 pre-set menus to ensure cooking perfection is only to be expected.

Smeg inverter microwave ovens
SAM34CXI Inverter Microwave Convection

Inverter technology permits cooking, reheating and defrosting at different power levels – as opposed to traditional microwave ovens that only operate at full power regardless of the power percentage selected.  Smeg’s two new models, the SAM34XI and the SAM34CXI, deliver exacting power responses – the power level selected is exactly the power level achieved.  The result is more even cooking, reheating and defrosting without cooked or dried out edges.  It is also possible to simmer, slow cook and keep food warm with exceptional results.

Smeg inverter microwave ovens
SAM34XI Inverter Microwave Grill

Both inverter microwave ovens comprise 34L capacity, easy clean stainless steel cavity, ten autocook menus, LED internal cavity lighting and ECO cooking function for reduced power consumption. The SAM34XI combines microwave oven with grill while the SAM34CXI features microwave with convection cooking.  In each appliance the cooking modes can be used separately or in combination.

These new generation microwave oven multi-taskers will cook, brown and reheat food to perfection.  With five power levels and 1000W of microwave power, 1100W grill and 2400W convection the appliances will cook a wide variety of dishes to perfection and in less time than conventional ovens.

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