Schweigen’s outdoor silent rangehoods


Schweigen’s outdoor silent rangehoods let Australian homeowners experience smoke-free, odour-free and noisefree conversations around the barbie.

Schweigen’s outdoor silent rangehoodsWhether entertaining guests, hosting a BBQ or having a pre-dinner snack on the porch, Schweigen’s signature silent rangehoods will impress guests. Equipped with a powerful
German-made IsoDrive motor system, Schweigen silent rangehoods allow the homeowner to enjoy stunning aesthetics without having to sacrifice peace and quiet.

Schweigen’s outdoor silent rangehoodsSchweigen’s Managing Director, Anthony Fletcher, said the key to the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience and summer entertaining requires attention to detail not only with food, drinks and music, but also with the entertaining environment you’re creating.

“We all know that the key issue with rangehoods is the excessive noise they produce during
operation. With current trends seeing the rangehood as a centrepiece in its own right in modern homes, it is more critical than ever to tackle this problem,” he said.

“More and more Australians are discovering that their outdoor kitchens are fast becoming the most commonly used room in their house, particularly during summer time,” Mr Fletcher said. “When you’re indoors, you have a rangehood to extract smoke, odour and grease. It’s just as important to have a rangehood in your BBQ or outdoor kitchen area. When you cook outdoors the smoke and odour are not difused quickly or effectively. Rather they linger and penetrate clothing, hair and skin leaving guests smelling like BBQ,” he said.

Schweigen’s outdoor silent rangehoodsThe Schweigen al fresco rangehoods are sleek, sophisticated and versatile and includes the
new Traditional Three Flare Canopy design. With two twin motors, it is more powerful than the average rangehood. This energy-efficient rangehood also allows greater capture of oil and grease and maximises extraction of odour and steam by creating a funnel-like effect for faster extraction.

The range also includes the stylish Undermount Outdoor Rangehood built into a bulk head or into cabinetry for a sophisticated outdoor entertaining area. This is ideal for those looking for a seamless design, integrated in their outdoor entertainment area.

Their unique design makes Schweigen’s series of outdoor silent rangehoods the standout
choice among Australians. The intelligently crafted rangehoods are not just easy on the ears but aesthetically beautiful and come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any outdoor kitchen décor.

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