Graff Sospiro faucets

Introducing the Graff Sospiro faucet collection, designed to complement a range of bar and kitchen spaces with its sophisticated profile and elevated sanitation capabilities. Winning the DPHA 2017 Plumbing Product of the Year Award, the Graff Sospiro faucet separates the distribution point of hot and cold water.

Graff SospiroThe latest innovation from Graff®’s internal G+ Design Studio, the Sospiro Collection offers a contemporary twist on a traditional style. Available in both a single-hole and bridge style, Sospiro was designed with the user in mind. Pulling in the classic silhouette of a bridge faucet and pairing it with clean, sleek, curvilinear lines, the collection plays to elements popular in modern kitchens and bars.

Graff President and CEO, Ziggy Kulig, comments, “Sospiro’s modern design is emblematic of Graff’s greater style playbook, which looks to reimagine classic design concepts and produce products that are imaginative, innovative, and applicable to the needs of the customer.”

Graff SospiroThe stylish faucet is outfitted with two matching levers that can be applied to both the single-hole and bridge options. The single-hole offering is equipped with a pull-down spray head with dual spray and stream water flow functions.

Graff SospiroFlexible in its capabilities, as well as its application, Sospiro is available for both kitchen and bar settings. Sospiro’s bar application is particularly noteworthy as it falls in line with the growing trend of in-house bars and bar stations. Taking on a slightly smaller expanse than its sister version, the Sospiro bar fixture performs instead of inhibits with its small-space design, allowing bars optimum water flow and minimalistic style that is in scale with bar sinks.

Graff SospiroKulig continues, “Sospiro’s design eliminates the traditional third post often associated with bridge faucets, and in turn, enhances the spaces in which it is applied through elevated sanitation capabilities and a minimalistic style that fits seamlessly into modern kitchen and bar environments.”

Sospiro is available in four stunning finishes – Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Olive Bronze – to afford designers flexibility in design.

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