Vauth-Sagel Envi Tool Box

As released at this year’s SICAM, this is the Vauth-Sagel Envi Tool box, a perfectly organised waste separation system with additional features that is now available as an add-on.

Vauth-Sagel Envi Tool BoxSystematic waste separation is one of Vauth-Sagel’s core competencies. The company has developed a product portfolio for this purpose that offers the perfect solution in any setting. One of the range’s worldwide bestsellers is VS Envi Space, which can be combined with the practical organiser drawer VS Envi Drawer. A new addition is the layout version VS Envi Tool Box, which creates yet more storage space within the waste bin system.

The everyday chores performed in any kitchen include the disposal of food scraps and the storage of consumables and household utensils. A convenient, modern waste separation system that meets the individual requirements, lifestyle, household size and the respective local waste separation and disposal regulations optimises this everyday task but does not compromise the look of the kitchen. Ideally, the entire system with all of the required bins should disappear behind the doors of the kitchen sink unit.

Vauth-Sagel Envi Tool BoxVauth-Sagel’s VS Envi Space does everything that is required of a modern waste separation system. It rests on slides, can be pulled out fully and features impressive details like a soft close mechanism. It opens and closes easily and almost noiselessly.

The modular concept makes it easy to configure a system that meets the locally applicable disposal regulations, which can vary greatly, or to create customer-specific depth versions. The bins are perfectly closed by robust, double powder coated metal lids that also provide additional storage space.

Optionally fitted above the bin system, the VS Envi Drawer not only utilises the available storage space to perfection but allows the trays to be positioned flexibly to take the pipes and traps below the sink unit into account or to allow the kitchen user to put them where required.

Vauth-Sagel Envi Tool BoxIn addition to this choice of options, all waste separation systems with bin sizes of 22 litres and above can now also be equipped with the VS Envi Tool Box. This new organiser element is made from high quality plastic and fits perfectly onto a 22 litre bin. It also offers the user individually adjustable layout options. The individual segments can be divided and separated as required. In almost no time at all, the layout can easily be changed at any time to meet varying needs in order to ensure that everything is always perfectly organised.

The new VS Envi Tool Box matches the existing VS Envi product range and is therefore available in all of the standard widths of 500, 600 and 900 millimetres. The VS Envi Tool Box can not only be integrated into VS Envi systems but can also be used separately in utility, storage and workshop areas. Various dividing and fitting accessory elements, a range of fresh colours and end consumer packaging perfect the concept.

Vauth Sagel products are available in Australia through Lincoln Sentry. Visit for more information.