AIDT 2017 – SCM Group Day 1

Our first day with SCM Group started in Bologne. Having enjoyed an amazing dinner the night before featuring a range of local pastas, we checked out and headed south east towards Rimini. Our first stop was at Cores Italia, a client of SCM Group which specialises in the manufacture of internal and external doors for the residential market.

Cores Italia was established in 1940 but suffered in the GST and was recently re-born as a co-operative. We were able to see a range of SCM Group machines in operation in the extensive factory as well as enjoy the range of finished products in the showroom.

From here, we travelled to Rimini to visit the home of SCM Group, stopping along the way for a local Italian “sandwich” for lunch.

We marvelled at the size of SCM’s showroom which showcased a wide range of products – as well as some antiques! – then we toured the CNC factory. Here we were able to view the production lines and assembly areas and we could see a number of machines being assembled to suit customised orders.

Our tour guide was Simon Nanni from SCM Group Australia – an Italian who is based in the Sydney head office. He explained the wide range of customisation options available and detailed the company’s three-step quality control process. It was possible to see the intricacies of the design involved in assembling each machine to suit the client’s specific needs.

SCM GroupSimon then took us to SCM Group’s own components factory which supplies all its assembly lines with the parts needed to build each machine. The components factory mainly supplies SCM Group but it remains profitable by also supplying parts and components to other companies that do not compete with SCM Group.

It was an eye-opening experience to see the detail behind the creation of these amazing machines and to realise how much of the planning and design process starts at the individual component level. Because SCM Group controls the production of the majority of its components it is able to better control the quality of the parts it uses which therefore allows it to be confident in the promises of quality it makes to its clients.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures with SCM Group tomorrow as we visit another of SCM’s customers.

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