Scirocco H Sunshine radiator

Presenting the new Scirocco H Sunshine radiator – an ultra thin heating plate by the Novara-based company that is only 14mm thick. 

Scirocco H SunshineWith a minimal design aesthetic and a collection of highly functional accessories, Scirocco H, a company specialising in the design and production of radiators and the first to produce towel warmers in Italy, presents its latest creation: Sunshine.

Scirocco H SunshineDesigned and created by the research and development department Scirocco H Lab, Sunshine is a hydraulic heated towel rack made from a high-strength steel sheet, which combines minimum thickness (14mm) at high thermal efficiency. Key features make Sunshine a radiator with refined aesthetics, elegant and excellent value for money. Its clean and discreet design and the small size allow it to be installed both in the living room and in the bathroom.

Scirocco H SunshineTo enhance the Scirocco H Sunshine radiator, three types of accessories are available, all made from steel with a design that has been adapted perfectly to Sunshine’s style, completing the look and increasing its functionality: a vertical robe hook, a towel rack and a horizontal towel holder.

Scirocco H SunshineThe Sunshine radiator features maximum versatility and color customisation thanks to a color palette of 65 shades, which allows the designer to create the most suitable combination of heating body and accessories; from tone-on-tone for a sophisticated effect, to the combination of vibrant colors for the accessories partnered with the black or white of the radiator to create a striking color contrast.

Available with horizontal or vertical installation, Sunshine can be ordered in 16 different sizes, from the smallest size of 360x1200mm up to 735x2000mm. 

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